Supatsara Wattanakriengkrai

Supatsara Wattanakriengkrai


I am a Ph.D. student in the Software Engineering Laboratory at Nara Institute of Science and Technology. My research interests include Empirical Software Engineering, Mining Software Repositories, Software Ecosystems, and Human Aspects of Software Engineering. In detail, my research focuses on the relationship between developer contributions and their package dependencies in software ecosystems, how developers whose code depends on other packages in the software ecosystems, submit contributions to assist these packages. The ultimate goal of my research is to attract developers to make sustained contributions to software ecosystems. My research collaborates with Prof. Raula Gaikovina Kula, Prof. Christoph Treude, Prof. Patanamon Thongtanunam, and Prof. Kenichi Matsumoto.

Contact: wattanakri.supatsara.ws3{at}

  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Mining Software Repositories
  • Software Ecosystems
  • Security Vulnerability
  • Human Aspects of Software Engineering
  • Doctor of Engineering (Expected), 2024

    Nara Institute of Science and Technology

  • Master of Engineering, Information Science, 2021

    Nara Institute of Science and Technology

  • Bachelor of Science, Information and Communication Technology, 2019

    Mahidol University


Web developer
International Workshop on Software Clones
Jan 2022 – Present
Designed and Implemented a website for announcing the IWSC 2022 information and news.
Visiting Research Student
University of Melbourne
Jun 2019 – Sep 2020 Melbourne, Australia
Studied on defect prediction under the supervision of Prof. Patanamon Thongtanunam, at the School of Computing and Information Systems. From this collaboration, we published a research paper ``Predicting defective lines using a model-agnostic technique'' in the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.
Visiting Research Student
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Jun 2018 – Aug 2018 Nara, Japan
Studied on automated identification of design and requirement self-admitted technical debt under the supervision of Prof. Hideaki Hata at Software Engineering Laboratory. From this collaboration, we published a research paper ``Identifying Design and Requirement Self-Admitted Technical Debt Using N-gram IDF'' in the 9th International Workshop on Empirical Software Engineering in Practice (IWESEP 2018).

Recent Publications

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(2022). Does Coding in Pythonic Zen Peak Performance? Preliminary Experiments of Nine Pythonic Idioms at Scale. ICPC 2022.

(2021). GitHub Repositories with Links to Academic Papers: Public Access, Traceability, and Evolution. Journal of Systems and Software.


(2021). Does the First-Response Matter for Future Contributions? A Study of First Contributions. MSR 2021.

(2020). Kode_Stylers : Author Identification through Naturalness of Code : An Ensemble Approach. FIRE 2020.

(2020). Predicting Defective Lines Using a Model-Agnostic Technique. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.